Congressional Action on Federal Overtime Rules

The Paper Chase reports that the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to “block overtime rules.” I looked at this with interest because it sounded as though Congress might be using the Congressional Review Act again. However, the article is not clear about the method the House is using. The AP article makes it sound like this is an appropriations bill, not a resolution. See the Paper Chase article and the Washington Post article (free registration required to view articles) for more information.

Other sources have indicated that this action is an amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services , and Educations Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5006 — specifically, see House amendment 734 entitled, “An amendment to prohibit the use of funds to enforce a Labor Department final rule which went into effect on August 23, 2004 regarding overtime protection….) . As one savy observer noted, a rider attached to an appropriations bill is much more difficult to defeat than a single-issue CRA resolultion of disapproval.

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