Oregon’s Regulatory Streamlining Initiative

About a week ago, my Google news alert directed me to an article at Bend.com. The article began with the following introduction:

Governor Ted Kulongoski has signed into law five measures approved by the Oregon Legislature to make it easier and less expensive for business owners to understand and meet state regulations. They are the first measures enacted out of a package of regulatory streamlining bills introduced at the direction of the governor.

This caught my attention. In 2003, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed Executive Order 03-01 requiring “state agencies to review their regulation of business activities and their regulatory processes to reduce the burden of regulation on business without compromising Oregon’s standards and protections.”

The order creates the Office of Regulatory Streamlining in the Department of Consumer and Business Services. They have an interesting web site with resources for agencies attempting to comply with the order.

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  1. anotherjeff

    Bend.com is apparently down due to a fire, but a google for the same quote led to a press release at:http://www.oregon.gov/DCBS/news/streamlining_041305.pdf