AALL Report on the Authentication of State Primary Legal Resources

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has issued a 254-page report that surveys and analyzes individual state practices with respect to the “trustworthiness” of state-level primary legal resources on the Web. Rules publications are an important part of the report.  The “State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources” may be purchased from AALL at http://www.aall.org/products/pub_authen_report.asp. An electronic copy is available from AALL at http://www.aallnet.org/aallwash/authenreport.html.

Updated 2/11/2011:  The link to the electronic copy of the report has changed.  It is now available at http://www.aallnet.org/aallwash/authenreport.asp.

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