2011 ACR Summer Conference Agenda

The ACR Summer Conference will be held at the Resort at Glade Springs in Daniels, WV from July 10 through July 13, 2011.  A copy of the tentative agenda is available.

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2011 Colborn Award — Nominations Now Being Accepted

The Administrative Codes and Registers’ Awards Committee is taking nominations for the 2011 Colborn Award.  This year, the committee consists of Molly Masich (NC; chair), Elizabeth Palen (VA) and John Martinez (NM).  The Colborn Award is presented annually by ACR to recognize a program that demonstrates innovation and creativity in providing public access to, or management of, administrative rules.

The nominations packet and form with complete instructions has been posted on the Colborn Award page available at:  http://www.administrativerules.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93&Itemid=56 .

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, June 10, 2011.

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Register for the NASS 2011 Summer Conference in Daniels, WV

Registration is now open for the NASS 2011 Summer Conference from July 10-13, 2011 in Daniels, West Virginia at the Resort at Glade Springs.  Click here for conference information and to register online!  To make room reservations call 877-540-3650 (Mon.- Sat.) and mention NASS.  The NASS room rate is $159 per night.  Deadline for the NASS early conference rate for registration and hotel reservations is Thursday, June 2, 2011.

Visit the registration website for summer conference details, including agenda, hotel information, family/spouse activities, exhibitor info and more! Check the website often for agenda updates.

When making transportation plans, we encourage you to either drive or fly to Yeager Airport (CRW) in Charleston, WV.  Yeager is serviced by most major airlines and has a non-stop service from Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Washington DC, New York and several other cities.  We will be offering limited shuttle service from Yeager Airport to Glade Springs and are negotiating a discounted car rental rate.

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Legislative review may be up to voters

A bill pending in Texas requires agencies to wait before adopting rules until the appropriate standing committee of each house reviews the rules. Under present law the legislature is limited to sending agencies a statement supporting or opposing adoption of a rule. The new legislative review authority, if adopted by the legislature, is contingent upon voters approving a constitutional amendment to provide for legislative review of rules.
H.J.R. 88


HB 1850

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Uniform Law Commission’s New Web Site

The Uniform Law Commission (a.k.a. National Conference of Commissioner on Uniform State Laws) has a new web site —  http://www.uniformlaws.org/.

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Utah Governor Charges Cabinet to Review Regulations

On January 26, 2011, in his State of the State address, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert said that “most important ways government can nurture a business-friendly environment” is to  “make regulation fair”.  Then, taking a measured approach, Governor Herbert  said:

I understand that the purpose of government regulation is to maintain a level playing field. As a small business owner, I have also experienced the cost and frustration of over-reaching and irrational regulation. In order to separate regulations that serve an important purpose, from those regulations that serve no purpose at all, I have asked each member of my Cabinet to review existing business regulations and determine which could be kept, which should be modified, and which will be eliminated.

Governor Herbert’s state of the state address is available at http://www.utah.gov/governor/news_media/article.html?article=4169.  As more information becomes available about the implementation of this Cabinet-level review of regulation, it will be posted here.

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SB 1339 – relating to administrative rules

“Any agency final rule that has an impact on the private sector in this state is repealed from and after December 31, 2012″
See bill: http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/legtext/50leg/1r/bills/sb1339p.htm
(Posted Jan. 28, 2011)

SB 1339 (Administrative rules; repeal; legislative action) – SB 1339 Failed in the Senate third read March 14, 2011, with a 11-17-2 vote.
(Updated March 15, 2011)

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Executive Order 13563 Published in January 21, 2011, Federal Register

On January 18, we reported that President Obama had issued an executive order “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review”.  Executive order 13563 was published in the January 21, 2011, edition of the Federal Register (76 FR 3821-3823).

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Ohio Governor Establishes the Common Sense Initiative

On January 10, 2011, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Executive Order 2011-01K, “Establishing the Common Sense Initiative.”  This order creates “a process for independently evaluating the economic impact of agency rules and regulations on small businesses in Ohio.”

It does not appear that the office of Governor Kasich issued a press release related to the order.  The full text of the executive order is available online at http://business.ohio.gov/docs/ExecutiveOrder2011-01K.pdf.

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Maine Governor Issues Order to Improve Review of Rulemaking

On January 10, 2011, Maine Governor Paul LePage issued Executive Order 09 FY 11/12, entitled “An Order to Improve Review of Rulemaking Process.”   The order establishes gubernatorial review of certain rules.  The full text of the executive order is available online at http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=Gov_Executive_Orders&id=182022&v=article2011.

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