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Kansas Governor Establishes Office of the Repealer

On January 21, 2011, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed Executive Order 11-01 to establish the Office of the Repealer in the Kansas Department of Administration.

In a press release related to the order, the Governor’s Office explains the order:

“My number one priority is to get our state’s economy growing again.  With the help of Kansans, the Office of the Repealer will work to identify laws and regulations that are out of date, unreasonable, and burdensome.  Laws and regulations shouldn’t hinder opportunities for Kansans and Kansas businesses,” Gov. Brownback said.

KDA Secretary Dennis Taylor will serve as the Repealer.  The executive order sets out the office’s duties:

–  Investigate the system of governance of the State of Kansas including its laws and regulations to determine instances in which those laws and regulations are unreasonable, unduly burdensome, duplicative, or contradictory.

–  Establish a system for receiving public recommendations suggesting various laws and regulations to be considered for possible repeal. This system will include an online portal for receipt of public comments.

–  Make recommendations for either outright repeal or for modification to be delivered to the originating body of such law or regulation. The recommendation will provide specific details with justification for the requested repeal or modification.

–  Implement a tracking system to follow the action taken by the originating body on any recommendation made by the Office of the Repealer in order to prepare regular reports to the Governor regarding the progress of repeal or modification.

Brownback said the Office of the Repealer will also have the authority to determine and implement such internal policies, standards, and procedures as may be necessary for the orderly and efficient carrying out of its mission.

The order becomes effective upon its filling with the Secretary of State’s office.

The full text of the executive order is available online at https://governor.ks.gov/frontpagenews/2011/01/21/1-21-11-executive-order-11-01.


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