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Oregonian Becomes Officer in National Administrative Rules Organization


Santa Fe, New Mexico — July 10, 2006 — The manager of the Publications Unit of the Oregon State Archives has been elected to be the next Vice President of the national Administrative Codes and Registers organization. Julie Yamaka commenced a two-year term that will run through July 2008 as an officer of the organization of state and federal administrative regulatory professionals. The election was held on Monday, July 10 at the National Association of Secretaries of State conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ms. Yamaka has served as manager of the Publications Unit of the Archives Division of the Oregon Secretary of State for nine years. The Publications Unit is charged with filing and publishing the Oregon Administrative Rules and compiling and publishing the Oregon Blue Book. She has worked for the Secretary of State since 1990, serving in several different capacities.

Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR) is a section of the National Association of Secretaries of State. ACR was organized 28 years ago, in St. Louis, Missouri. Its objectives include fostering the development of better rule writing skills and rule review techniques; developing more effective management of the rule promulgation process, particularly in the publication of administrative codes and registers; and increasing public access to and involvement in the rulemaking process.

Yamaka has been active in ACR since 1998. She served as a regional representative to the ACR executive committee from 2000-2004, secretary-treasurer from 2004-2006, and in 2002, she served as program chairperson for the organization’s summer conference in Providence, Rhode Island.
Yamaka succeeds Jane Chaffin, Registrar of Regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Yamaka will work with Chaffin, president, to direct the national organization’s activities during the next two years, including its annual survey of state rulemaking and its annual conference. More information about ACR is available on the Internet at http://www.nass.org/acr/acr.html.


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