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Virginia Recognized with 2009 Colborn Award

At its 2009 summer conference held in Minneapolis, MN, Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR) recognized the Virginia Division of Legislative Services and the Virginia Code Commission with the 2009 Colborn Award.  The award was presented in recognition for Virginia’s  for creation of a current online Administrative Code that works in conjunction with the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website.  More information about Virginia’s project may be found at http://www.administrativerules.org/?page_id=129.


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Proposed Legislative Veto of Virginia Administrative Rules

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a constitutional amendment (first resolution) that provides that the General Assembly may suspend or nullify any or all portions of any administrative rule or regulation by joint resolution agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each house. View the progress of  House Joint Resolution 731.

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Changes to Virginia Regulatory Town Hall Home Page

Some changes have recently been made to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall home page (townhall.virginia.gov) aimed to make the site easier to navigate.

Here are the main changes:

 * The Menu bar on the left has been shortened to focus on major categories of information.

 * The Search Tool is more prominently displayed. This feature allows you to search titles of regulations, regulatory actions,meetings, guidance documents, mandates, petitions for rulemaking, and general notices.

 * Under Browse Regulations on the menu bar, you will see a list of all regulations broken down by board. Using the tabs near the top of the page, you can also search regulations by agency, secretary, and VAC citation.

 * Under Regulatory Activity on the menu bar, you will see all regulatory actions underway. Using the tabs near the top of the page, you can also view regulatory actions based on a periodic review of the regulation, a petition for rulemaking, or a legislative mandate (where the legislature has required a regulation to be changed).

 * On the page for viewing and entering public comments, you can now view regulatory documents, e.g., the agency background statement explaining what is changing and why, as well as the text of a proposed regulation, and we encourage you to view these before you enter a public comment.

 We’re always trying to make the Town Hall more user friendly so if you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you. Just email melanie.west@dpb.virginia.gov.

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2008 Governor’s Technology Award (Virginia)

Click on the link http://www.covits.org/governor’s_technology_awards/index.cfm and scroll down to see a picture of ACR members Lilli Hausenfluck and Joe Johnson with Virginia Governor Tim Kaine after receiving the 2008 Governor’s Technology Award in the category of “Cross-boundary Collaboration.” Also in the photo (far right) is Melanie West, Director of the Economic and Regulatory Analysis Division of the Department of Planning and Budget, who was also an award recipient.

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Virginia nominated Virginia’s Regulation Information System and Town Hall for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ (NASCIO) 2008 Recognition Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology under the category “Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships.” Although Virginia was not selected as a finalist, the project nomination is posted on the NASCIO website at http://www.nascio.org/awards/2008Awards/collaboration.cfm as part of the state IT Best Practices database in NASCIO’s Recognition Award Archive. Also, a demo of the system is available at http://leg5.state.va.us/risdemo/.

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Virginia Reinstates Administrative Law Advisory Committee

Virginia’s Administrative Law Advisory Committee (ALAC) is back in business.  After a 5-year moratorium, the Virginia Code Commission reinstated ALAC to assist the Commission with its oversight authority over the operation and effectiveness of the Virginia Administrative Process Act and Virginia Register Act.  ALAC is a 12-member committee consisting of representatives from the business community, local government, the state bar, state agencies, the academic community, the Virginia Supreme Court, public interest associations and other interested parties.

The following is a partial list of legislative changes that were made between 1994 and 2001 as a result of ALAC’s work:

  • Eliminate requirement to publish regulatory notices in newspaper
  • Require annual filing and publication of agency guidance document lists
  • Clarify steps a petitioner must take to perfect a petition for rulemaking and agency responsibilities, including publication in the Virginia Register
  • Establish fast-track rulemaking process for non-controversial regulations

ALAC’s first meeting was held September 27 and the inital suggested workplan will be presented to the Virginia Code Commission for its approval at its October meeting.

The suggested workplan consists of the following issues:

  • Administrative Process Act exemptions study. Currently, over 75 exemptions exist within Virginia’s APA and others are scattered throughout the Code of Virginia and in enactments of Acts of Assembly;
  • Incorporation by reference in the promulgation process;
  • Appeals of administrative decisions;
  • Stay abreast of the work of the Model State Administrative Procedure Act NCCUSL drafting committee

For further information, go to ALAC’s website at http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/alac/alac.htm.

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Virginian to Lead National Administrative Rules Organization


Santa Fe, New Mexico — July 10, 2006 — The Registrar of Regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia has been elected president of the national Administrative Codes and Registers organization. Jane D. Chaffin commenced a two-year term that will run through July 2008 as leader of the organization of state and federal administrative regulatory professionals. The election was held on Monday, July 10 at the National Association of Secretaries of State conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Since 1987, Ms. Chaffin has been involved in the development and production of the Virginia Register of Regulations, a bi-weekly publication that provides notice of proposed, final and emergency regulatory changes of Virginia’s state agencies, and with the codification of the Commonwealth’s regulations in the Virginia Administrative Code.

Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR) is a section of the National Association of Secretaries of State. ACR was organized 28 years ago, in St. Louis, Missouri. Its objectives include fostering the development of better rule writing skills and rule review techniques; developing more effective management of the rule promulgation process, particularly in the publication of administrative codes and registers; and increasing public access to and involvement in the rulemaking process.

Chaffin has been active in ACR since 1988. She served as a regional representative to the ACR executive committee from 1998-2002, secretary-treasurer from 2002-2004, and vice president from 2004-2006.

Chaffin succeeds Dennis Stevenson, Administrative Rules Coordinator for the State of Idaho. Chaffin will direct the national organization’s activities during the next two years, including its annual survey of state rulemaking and its annual conference. More information about ACR is available on the Internet at http://www.nass.org/acr/acr.html.

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